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General Terms and Conditions relating to borrowing from Hua Hsia Chinese School Library (the “Library”)

You will need to complete a library membership form, to be obtained from the Librarian. There is no joining fee but at the time of joining, you will need to purchase a borrowing card at a cost of £10 (“Borrowing Card”). Borrowing Cards may only be purchased in person from a librarian or from the Head teacher, Katja Ting. A maximum of 2 Borrowing Cards per person may be purchased.

The costs of any Borrowing Cards which you have purchased will be refunded to you when you cease to be a member of the Library, provided that there is no amount outstanding from you in relation to lost or damaged items.

In order to borrow an item from the library, whether a book or DVD, you will need to present a Borrowing Card.

One Borrowing Card will entitle you to borrow two items from the Library.

The Borrowing Card will be retained by the Library and will be returned to you when the item you have borrowed has been returned to the Library.

A maximum of two items may be borrowed from the Library at any one time.

Items are issued for one week.

Borrowed items can be renewed for a maximum of two times in person unless the item has been requested by another borrower.

All borrowed items must be returned in person to the library. The library is based at the Hampstead branch of Hua Hsia Chinese School at the Holy Trinity Primary School, Trinity Walk, Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead, London NW3 5SQ.

If there is an item that you want to borrow that you cannot find, please ask a librarian as he/she may be able to obtain it for you.

There will be an overdue charge of £1 per week for each item which is overdue.

Lost or damaged items

You will be obliged to pay the replacement cost in the amount of £10 per item for any lost or damaged item (if the Library decides that the damaged item needs to be replaced).

If you incur fines of £10 or more, all borrowing rights will be suspended until fees are paid.

Opening times
Unless you have been given notice to the contrary, the Library will be open every Saturday from 1400 – 1530hours and every Sunday from 1200 – 1430hours.

Issue: June-2 2013

If you wish to cease to be a member of the Library, you must provide the Library with two weeks’ prior written notice.

You must notify the library of any change in name or address as soon as possible.

You must report lost or damaged items immediately.

Library cards are non-transferable.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.

Library customers must look after personal belongings at all times and must not leave personal possessions unattended. Hua Hsia Chinese School

Library accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any customer personal possessions.

Contact us
You may contact the library members by e-mailing them at

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