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SUKA Mandarin Programme 華新中文

SUKA Mandarin Course is designed for heritage speakers of Mandarin. Students wanting to register for this course will be asked if Mandarin is the communication language used at home.

The focus of the SUKA Mandarin course will be on reading and writing skills. As it is a total immersion course, our teachers will only teach and converse in Mandarin Chinese. This will improve the conversation and speaking skills of the students. A special feature of our SUKA Mandarin course is that our teachers will read Mandarin storybooks to the class. Students may borrow these books home for their parents to read to them.

With our SUKA Mandarin Course,  family and parents support is very important to achieve success. The course is taught in Mandarin Chinese but we offer both traditional and simplified characters. Students will be assigned homework every week.

SUKA Mandarin Course begins from age 4, and students can sit for the YCT Examinations once they have started SUKA 2.

SUKA Progression:

SUKA Beginners > SUKA 1 > SUKA 2 > SUKA 3 > SUKA 4 > SUKA 5 > iGCSE Prep


Branch Course Date and Time
Hampstead SUKA Mandarin Saturday 10:00-11.50am
Hampstead SUKA Mandarin Sunday 1:30-3:20pm
Southgate SUKA Mandarin Saturday 1:00-3.00pm

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