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IGCSE Prep Classes

The IGCSE Prep course is designed to take place over 3 years for those students who have no knowledge of the language and would like to learn Chinese in the aim of achieving the IGCSE qualification.

Students will be introduced to basic grammatical rules and gain an insight into the culture and customs of Chinese speaking countries.

The 2 Year course is designed for students who have completed the first year of the 3 year course, or those coming in with a good foundation in Mandarin, and who we believe can sit the exam in 2 years and achieve a strong result.

IGCSE Prep Classes Timetable


Class Branch Time
IGCSE Prep Hampstead Saturday 12:30pm – 2:20pm
IGCSE Prep Hampstead Sunday 1:30am – 3:20pm
IGCSE Prep Southgate Saturday 1.00 – 3:00pm

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