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GCSE & Pre U

Another year of impressive exam results! We are proud to announce that all students who took part in the HSK/YCT exams passed! For those unfamiliar with the HSK/YCT grading system, unlike our national qualifications there are no grade boundaries, simply a passing mark and a failing mark. Touching on national qualifications, all students from our GCSE course who sat the exam this past Spring/Summer achieved A* with a few achieving maximum marks in their exams. Our Cambridge Pre-U student also achieved a marvellous Distinction 2 result!

We are very pleased that our students’ hard work in and out of lessons have paid off and they have attained these top grades. We are also very grateful to our amazing teaching staff, and additionally to the parents of our students who provided continuous support outside of lessons.

We have recently received our student’s GCSE and Cambridge Pre U results, and we are very happy to announce that all of our students achieved excellent results! All 10 of our students who sat the GCSE exam achieved A*, while our Cambridge Pre U students achieved both Merits and Distinctions.

We are extremely proud of our students and the hard work they have put into their qualifications and exams, and are very pleased to see that their efforts have paid off in truly remarkable results!

We are also very thankful for/to our amazing teaching staff who put in the time to prepare their students for the exams.

The course is scheduled to begin every autumn term focusing on the different GCSE papers where the students will be given the opportunity to revise and practice the different skills in preparation for the exam in June. Both private tuition and small groups are available for this course. Pre-assessment is necessary before joining the class.

This year we will be running 3 courses, to sit the exam in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

You can view or download the GCSE Calendar (2017-18) here.

We have decided to offer the Cambridge Pre U course this year, as the progression from our GCSE course.

We understand the Cambridge Pre U qualification is one of the lesser known qualifications (compared to the IB and A levels). Cambridge Pre U is now gaining popularity within secondary schools and many universities have recognised it as a qualification – The degree is now accepted by approximately 111 universities in the UK and all Ivy league universities in the US. We taught Cambridge Pre U this past year and we feel it is a comprehensive course and it also gives students the ability to pick up more UCAS points (as Cambridge Pre U qualifications are worth more UCAS points in total – compared to A levels). At a time where many students are achieving top grades in their A Levels, it is hard to differentiate between these students – which is why a few years ago the qualification introduce the A* grade, as a way of helping universities choose between candidates. The A* grade is worth 140 UCAS points with an A grade being worth 120 UCAS points.

The image shows the UCAS point scoring for the Cambridge Pre U qualification. As you can see the top grade, D1,  for the principal course is not yet confirmed, however the second top grade is already worth 145 UCAS points, with the third top grade being worth 130 UCAS points. The short course is comparable in value to the AS level qualification, however is still worth more in terms of points – A at AS level is worth 60 UCAS points, this is equal to the Distinction 3 mark for the Cambridge Pre U short course.

Please click here to view the Cambridge Pre U syllabus for the coming years.

Please click here to view the Cambridge Pre U Wikipedia page:

You can view or download Pre-U Calander (2017-18) by clicking here.

Class Branch Time
Cambridge Pre-U Final Year Hampstead Sunday 10:00 – 11:50am
GCSE Final Year Hampstead Sunday 1:15 – 3:05pm
GCSE First Year Hampstead Saturday 2:30 – 4:20pm
GCSE Second Year Hampstead Saturday 12:30 – 2:20pm
Advance Mandarin Hampstead Sunday 1:15 – 3:05pm

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