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Q: I’d like to study Chinese for Adult Beginner’s Level, how can I join in?
A: An enrolment form can be downloaded and can be emailed to the school. We will contact you with the course details. Please bring it with you when you come to the School.

Q: I’m an adult learner. I understand the course has already started, can I join in now?
A: The teaching of our adult classes is unit-based. If student’s enrol late they have the choice to try a class before making a decision and commit to the course.

Q: My child wants to learn Chinese, At what age can he/she start?
A: We welcome all children from the ages 12 months.

Q: My child is interested in learning Chinese, but not sure if your school is suitable for her/him. Can we have a trial session?
A: Yes. You are welcome to come along and join the running class and have a taster lesson before making your decision.

Q: Where are the venues and what are the days and times of the Chinese School?
A: Please click here for school location.

Q: What is the cost?
A: Please call 0208 201 0698 for more information.

Q: Do you have any course for Chinese exams?
A: Yes. There are GCSE revision classes and AS Level class.

Q: Do you have any other extra-curriculum classes?
A: Yes, we have extended curriculum e.g. abacus class, Chinese playgroup, homework club etc. Please click Extended Curriculum for more information.

Q: Are you a Community school?
A: Yes, we are a Community/Supplementary school. Hua Hsia Chinese School was established in April 2001, starting as a non-profit organization, the school gained it Charitable Status in November 2003. In May 2007 AGM, Parents voted on the resolution to Dissolve the School as a Charity. Since then, the school run as a private Community /Supplementary School.

We also have Friends of Hua Hsia which is a membership-based charity run by volunteers and parents/students. The charity was re-instated at an EGM in November, 2007. Please see “Charity” for details. Parents and students are welcome to join the committee.

Q: Do you teach Cantonese?
A: No. We only teach Mandarin Chinese and Traditional/simplified characters.

Q: Do you offer one-to-one tuition?
A: Yes. Please contact school office for details.

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