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What our parents are saying!

San Mei has been absolutely amazing and we have been very grateful for her hard work and taking care of R. She has been outstanding in all aspects of her childcare with R and we are eternally grateful for all the Mandarin she has taught him.

L Yu

We are all delighted with Anna’s A grade in her Chinese GCSE. Learning Chinese with Hua Hsia Chinese School has been such a positive experience for Anna. She has loved going for her weekly lessons and the staff always made such an effort to help her in her studies, particularly during the GCSE years. We don’t speak Chinese so it was always reassuring to know that she was in good hands!


Linda Pearson

My children have been going to Hua Hsia Chinese tuition for over 10 years now. My oldest just finished her Cambridge Pre-U exam. I am impressed with Katja’s dedication to inspire and to make sure the children are prepared for their exams. The individualized attention my daughter received was amazing. Katja scheduled extra sessions as needed and kept me informed on what needed improvement. This contributed greatly to my daughter’s fantastic results with both the GCSE and the Pre-U exams. While it was a lot of work, my daughter enjoyed her time at Hua Hsia and came away with an excellent group of friends and learned a lot about her heritage she would not have otherwise. She is proud to have already completed her GCSE and Pre-U exams and I was confident enough in her ability to speak Mandarin to allow her to travel to China for 2 weeks without family. If there were higher level courses at Hua Hsia, I think my daughter would continue to attend.


Dear Teachers,

Thank you for all your help and support to Erica with her GCSE preparations We were delighted and mildly shocked  with the A* she got. There was great support and help from the teachers and all the credit goes to the teachers and the school. She found the teaching very interesting and engaging. This has made her interested to learn more about the Chinese culture and way of life. Coming from an Indian family we were not able to help her at home the teachers guided her with all the extra help and support to the extend she would like to pursue with A level Chinese. Thank you.


Rebecca Lawrence

We are very pleased that our daughter, Senching, took the Pre-U course through Hua Hsia Chinese School last year and achieved a good result.

It was a LOT of work, and Katja is an excellent, encouraging teacher who made lessons interactive and interesting.  She went above and beyond to support her students.  She even met with them individually and weekly online to practice speaking, and gave them tips on how to improve their essays.

Senching enjoyed the strong camaraderie among her classmates and it was lovely to see them celebrate together after receiving their marks.

Besides doing well on the exam, we noted how much Senching’s conversational Chinese improved and she is able to speak more fluently with her grandparents; They are delighted!  She even enjoys watching some Chinese programs on her own now. Thank you, Katja and the team at Hua Hsia School!



Recognising the growing importance of Mandarin in today’s globalised world and China as the second largest economy in the world, we decided that learning Mandarin was crucial for our children’s future. Hence we enrolled Joshua in Hua Hsia when he was 6. As parents who are not conversant in the language, we understand how difficult it is for Joshua to learn as he did not get to speak or practise at home. However the teachers in the school provided a good foundation for him as the school understands the needs of students early. In the pre-U classes particularly the school prepared the students very well. The school especially Katja took a personal interest in identifying each student strong points and weaknesses and worked on how best to harness them. She organised classes and arranged Skype calls to improve the speaking ability of students. There were classes that emphasise on Chinese history,  culture as well as many one to one conversational practices just before the examinations. For a student who does not converse the language at home, these extra efforts really helped Joshua and his results bore testimony to these initiatives. The results speak for themselves and I’m certain that this knowledge will bode well for the future.

Loke Han

Anna Usadi: Like many of the students at Hua Hsia, I started in the school’s nursery class when I was three.I have very fond memories of the school at this age amongst which dancing and singing in the school’s festivals are my most vivid.

When I started learning Chinese in my secondary school, I realised how helpful Hua Hsia had been in introducing me to Chinese. Having studied at the school from a young age, I was familiar with the Chinese tones, characters and culture. When I signed up to take my Chinese AS­level last year, I though back to my time at Hua Hsia. I decided to volunteer in the school whereby I now help students practise their Chinese oral GCSE. I have also started taking classes there again to keep up with my own speaking skills.

Learning Mandarin is very hard. Mandarin students should always take an opportunity to practise using the language.Going to China and speaking with locals, or even just speaking with Chinese friends, can be extremely beneficial. I hope that, with perseverance at the Hua Hsia together with my Chinese A level studies in my secondary school, I will one day gain enough proficiency in Chinese to enable me to work in China.




Ellie Jenkins: I would like to say a big Thank You to Hua Hsia Chinese School for teaching my daughter Persephone YouLin Jenkins from the age of 2 in the Nursery class to taking her GCSE last summer, and achieving her A* in Chinese.

As a non-chinese speaking family, all tribute goes to her and the school, in particular, Katja and all her teachers throughout the 12 years she’s been at the school. Persephone’s had great fun at the school participating in all the many activities arranged by the school and the Friends of Hua Hsia over the years. I’m glad to say Persephone has decided to carry on with her Chinese studies this year.

Thank you and Well Done Hua Hsia !

Jasmine Chua: When I was told about the grade my daughter Monica has gained in her AS Chinese exam, I was elated. Although the teacher Senji has predicted she will get grade A, I was not entirely convinced for the Chinese examination is not easy, especially for children who are brought up in non-Chinese speaking environments. I would like to thank Senji for her patience in teaching Monica and also believing in her.

Monica has been with the school since Nursery until now where she is studying for her Chinese A Level. She has enjoyed the lessons in the past and is still enjoys learning Chinese.

Looking back, I still could remember my little 3 year old girl holding my hand attending the first lesson with Jenny Sing, the nursery teacher. The happy, fun-loving Jenny is dedicated in teaching the children to learn the language through singing, playing and recognising the characters. These form the foundation for children to have an interest in learning the language.

The teachers in Hua Hsia Chinese School are dedicated and committed in teaching the children to learn the beautiful but rather difficult language. The children here learn to read and write Chinese, at the same time been taught about the Chinese culture.

Mei Ling: Bonjour! Je m’appelle Mei Ling. Je suis française, j’ai seize ans. Lorsque j’avais douze ans j’ai commencé à apprendre le mandarin avec l’école chinoise de Hua Hsia.

A ce moment-là, dans ma classe il y avait des élèves de dix, treize et quinze ans. Puisque je suis française, je ne peux pas pratiquer le chinois chez moi, mais les autres élèves de ma classe ont toujours été chinois ou Malaisiens, et pouvaient pratiquer le chinois chez eux. Même si apprendre le chinois est parfois difficile, dans l’avenir c’est un super atout et c’est très pratique. Les leçons de chinois sont amusantes, les profs sont très sympa avec les élèves. L’année dernière j’ai fait mon GCSE de chinois, j’ai eu un super résultat ! Je suis très contente car je l’avais beaucoup travaillé pendant l’année.

Jenny Lam: “My son started attending the GCSE Mandarin class at Hua Hsia in September 2014. I cannot be any more happier with his progress, the teachers are incredibly great at encouraging the children to progress within a tight programme.

I am amazed by how much my son’s confident in the language has
developed in just a few months. Confidence is essential for languages and is
not easy to build up so the credit undoubtedly goes to the dedicated
teachers – thank you!”

Update 2017:

My son started at Hua Hsia to do GCSE Chinese Mandarin and then progressed to Cambridge Pre-U short course, leaving with fantastic results!  During the Cambridge Pre-U course, the Teacher had to cover the exam syllabus in a very short time scale, that extra lessons were given to the Class, by the Teacher, outside lesson time on WebEx to practise their Speaking. I have never come across a Teacher so dedicated and committed!  The Teacher will motivate the children by introducing role plays and filming it to encourage two way communication, so that the lessons are not always Lecture style.  Overall, my son has really enjoyed his time at Hua Hsia, having met a group of wonderful friends and leaving with fantastic academic results! Thank you to all the Staff at the school.

Jenny Lam

Hua Hsia Chinese School came highly recommended to us by a mother from our children’s main stream school. She said her daughter looked forward to her weekly lesson.

At that time, our children were attending another community language centre, but they did not enjoy the lessons.

We contacted the Principal, Ms Katja Ting, who promptly arranged their first trial lesson for our children six years ago, and the rest was history…

Our children have now completed their GCSE  Mandarin attaining results far beyond our expectations.

Hua Hsia Chinese School is not only a centre of excellence for learning the language, but also a hub of cultural experience.

We can but thank the mother who recommended us in the first place, and of course, the professional team led by the Principal, Ms Katja Ting.


Mrs L

19th November 2017

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