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98 The Broadway, London NW7 3TB


The Friends of Hua Hsia Chinese Tuition (FOHH) is a non-profit body run by the parents and students of Hua Hsia Chinese School.

Our aim is to advance the education of the public in particular those of Chinese ethnic origin in the Chinese language and culture, and to promote racial harmony and understanding between people of Chinese origin and other communities.

Our main activity over the years has been to organise Chinese cultural events for Hua Hsia Chinese School and the nearby community. In particular, the Chinese New Year festivities, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In 2017, the Friends of Hua Hsia dedicated the Dragon Boat Festival Fundraiser to the London Fire Relief Fund in aid of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. In 2013, we organised a Christmas – Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser.

The next AGM will be held on 29 September 2018.

Our current committee members are as follows:

Ivy Heng

Annie Ee

Vivian Ho

Katja Ting

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