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About Us

Hua Hsia Chinese School has grown steadily since we established it in 2001. We are a vibrant and diverse community; with bright and well-motivated students, taught by qualified, committed staff. In partnership with parents, we try to provide every student with a meaningful cultural experience whilst learning the Mandarin language.

Parents, students and teachers have shaped the School into what it is today. While we started with just Chinese language courses for young children, our curriculum and services over the years has developed and we now provide adult classes, qualification courses (GCSE and Pre U), and most recently we introduced Abacus Maths 4 years ago. Not only limited to classes, we have a strong roster of private tutors, and host multiple holiday camps and culture festivals throughout the year.

With the increasing demand for Mandarin Chinese languages lessons, 2 year ago we opened our new branch in Southgate. Our parents were the driving force behind this new location, and we are very happy to see the continued interest in this branch!

One of our main strengths is the feeling of community between the School and it’s parents and students. On many occasions older students, who’ve finished their A level or Cambridge Pre-U courses, return to the School to help the younger students on a voluntary basis – some of them working towards their Duke of Edinburgh award in the process. It is an immensely rewarding experience to see our students take a real interest in the language, as they move forward and become the thinkers and sharpers of the 21st century.

Even with our continued growth we aren’t done yet! We are happy to receive suggestions from parents and students, and whenever possible we investigate the possibility of expanding and improving our services inline with expectations. Our ethos is to provide a supportive, nurturing environment that aims to encourage every student. We aim to achieve the highest standards in everything we do. We are a school of innovations.

We look forward to meeting you.

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