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10 weeks intensive beginners for adults.

Language Purposes and functions

On completing this lesson, you should be able to use a basic range of everyday expressions relating to personal details and needs. Your pronunciation will not always be completely accurate but your meaning will be clear. You should be able to understand and use a few simple grammatical structures and sentence patterns. You should be familiar with the sound system of the language.

At Beginners level, the realization of the following functions will be in a basic way:

  • Taking part in simple social situations, e.g. greeting/responding to greetings; expressing thanks; introducing yourself, friends and family members
  • Giving simple information
  • Asking and answering simple questions
  • Describing (location, possession, occupation, experiences and means of transport)
  • Giving simple opinions
  • Expressing ability and daily activities
  • Using numbers and expressing quantity with correct measure words
  • Expressing time and date (clock, days, months, etc.)

This is not a qualification class.

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